The Basics

Property Taxes Made Simple

The Purpose of Property Taxes

Your property tax dollars are used to fund community services such as:

  • Public schools
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Police and fire departments
  • And other local services

The tax rates set by local elected officials at your school district, county commissioners court, and city council every year help determine how much your property tax bill will be.

The Purpose of Property Taxes

Tax Rates for 2025 Will Be Set in Fall 2024.

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Your property tax bill is based on two numbers: the value of your home and the tax rates set by local elected officials.


A property with a $200,000 taxable value


and a $0.025 tax rate


...has a $5,000 tax bill

Don't Forget About Homestead Exemptions

A homeowner is entitled to a homestead exemption on a property that is the homeowner's primary household starting from at least January 1 of the appraisal year. Contact your county’s central appraisal district for information about exemptions.

Looking for more? Visit the FAQ page for more details and questions about property taxes.